Tuesday, August 11, 2009

15/07 is 3 years old already!!

I tink it's time to give this blog a much needed update =)

Today marks the day that most of u, the girls of 15/07 start school once again. HHas.. I am actually pretty jealous of u all.. Only when in the army than do I realise that being able to study is actually a privelleage. Looking back at all the previous posts, we used this blog alot for homework updates. Mayb u all can consider using it for ur new homework?? HHas.. =)

2009 seem to pass very fast. It's already the middle of August. Rmb this time last year, most of us will have been buried under TYS, notes, and whatever not working hard to put more information into our brains. 1 year. It's pretty scary to see week go by you like that. 19years old le. Next year, which is in about 4 months time, we will be hitting the new magical number, 20. The peak of our whole life around then. Than another 6 or 7 years, mayb wedding bells will start ringing for most of us. What will our lives be like then?? HHas.. will we rmb the outings that we had while in that blue and grey uniform. Will we remember the notes that we used to mull over for sleepless nights. Will we even remember our PD tutor??

I must admit, during the limited time that I had out in our pretty Singapore, passing by the Yio Chu Kang Mrt station or the bus stops near the school, I will unknowingly peer out and look at the outline of the school and recall the times spent in there. I don't tink that I will find another place that gives me a nauseous feeling as much as my secondary school and our Junior College. Hhas.. I just had a random thought that we can all keep this blog alive enough so that no matter what paths that we take in the future, when we click this blog link we can know of each other's various life achievements.

Have a nice day All =) Mayb someday we can take a class photo together??

Sunday, June 7, 2009


It's been some time.
Is anyone around~?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

End Of February Already??

It's coming to the end of feb already. Edwin, Hwee Sheng and Terry are gonna POP soon. Many of us have started working already. I just wanna thank all that made it for tuesday outing =D I believe all of us really enjoyed ourselves.

Reminscing the past 2 years is something that I always do nowadays.. Cing some of the AJ students now, I really wish like going up to them and say: "enjoy ur two years while you're still in college." Though JC was tough, but I believe we all emerge out of it strong and sturdy. The story of the chopsticks that we all heard.

It states that 1 chopstick by itself will break under stress. But many together cannot be that easily taken down. Something while talking Character Education to the sec1s that I chance upon this old story. After the 'A' results(which we so dunwan), we will be pioneers in our respective field. I just noe the whole class will be someone that is respectable and good be it watever we do in future. Cos we're fifteen0seven =).

Looking back at our 2007 entries, we used this class blog for hmwork reminders, than encouragement to each other to push on. We also used this class blog to decimate happy movies and jokes. Do you all rmb the 23special things that were written to u all at the start of last year when we all were wrote our names on the paper and write things about that person. Well, I have a suggestion, why dont the frequent or happen to pass by classmates, we write a short note to tell each other how we treasure and miss each other.

I will start:

Dear 15/07,

I will nvr forget this class cos we spent alot of QUALITY time together. Though I join u all only in March, but u all accepted me fast and made me a part of u all, or shld I say us now=) Our class chalet we had last last year was something that was really memorable. We shld do it sometime soon. We all come from different schs with different thinking. We had our fair share of conflicts, but we also had our fair share of happiness.

To my fellow H1 econers, I really miss you all. The seven of us if I am not wrong. Hazel, constance, Jenard, Melissa, Noeleen, Han wei and me. Every thurs and fri, all our slackiness and bugging of Miss Lee come the 'A's. I noe we will make it somehow. Cos we're all together with the most 'Hardworkin' =p teacher, Mr Toh for like 1 year.

Not forgetting too, Elaine, Fiona and Josephine. Well, it's been really great having known u all. Happy and cheerful people. Used to go ice cream crazy together with Han wei and Jenard=) Hope u all have happy times ahead and be happy no matter wat. We watched the rat show, the secret and the room dunno wat no. together yea. I noe u 3 will bcome great people wherever you all end up =)

The guys, Edwin, Hwee Sheng, Kuan Teck, Jian Rong, Yangz, Terry, Han wei and Kel. You all are the best. Edwin, thanks for more than 1 year of fetching up and down=) U allowed me to wake up at 7 for sch lol XD Hwee sheng, soccer fan of MAN U, and always sitting with me during organic chem lecture =). Kuan teck, the helpful smartie=D hhas.. I noe u will do great things and hope UR HAPPINESS Can be found ya =D. Jian Rong, the cool dude. Stay happy no matter wat yea. U're 1 passionate person and I noe things will be all rosy come the end=). Yangz, the crappy person. Stay happy all the way with Hazel ya. Terry, hhas, the army barber story. Well, Stay happy forever with Sok Yin yea.. Hope U can really be the papa soon XD lolx.. that sounds wrong. Hmm.. but take care =). Han wei, hhas.. we two almost together everytime since sec 1. Cya in army soon =) another 3 months together. Kel, thanks for the basic theory book u lent me. My fellow PW mate where we went mad 'hackin' NLB together. Hhas.. find ur goal and happiness too yea =)

So many more people, Cara, Keet, Sok Yin, Candy and alot more, hope that all the 15/07 people we can all make it come the 'A's. It will signal the end of uniformed student for us and the entering of adult life le.

Finally, I will miss all the basketball sessions and ice cream sessions, movies, and just being able to study with u all =) Take care my friends for life!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Reminder - PW OP


Nice keeping the blog active guys. i guess u are right in the things u said in the post.

ANYWAY, some administrative stuff. just in case i ever forget.

Our Project Work Oral Presentation Examiners' Comments are still lying somewhere in school, supposedly in the hands of Mdm Han. Apparently Miss Chin forgot to give it to us on our last day of school. Hmmm.

Well, so we rmb we are supposed to collect the OP Comments fr. Mdm Han when we go back to school to take our results.


Monday, February 2, 2009

2nd update of the Year

Happy Feburary class 15/07!!

The year of the OX has now come and sorry about the wrong information that I posted previously.. Hmm.. Guess we won't be able to make it in time to visit our teachers' houses. Well, we are all so busy people =)

I hope that each of us be it wherever we are now, we are doing fine and happy. Soon the AJC's cross country will be here and Friendship day ^___^ so I hope that we can go out once as a class b4 the release of the 'A'level results. Personally, I dread it=(

Sometimes, I just miss wearing that grey uniform with blue long pants. It's too fast already. The year 2007 and 2008. I wonder how are all the J2s feeling this year. The anxiety over their own 'A'levels? Or slack for now? This reminds me of the time with all my H1 econs people. Always on thursday and friday we will b like super free and just chat, or pester Miss Lee. Soon, the guys will all be in army and the girls into the uni life. Let's just spend some time during our b'dae which is 15th of July together as a complete class.

I miss going to sch. being a student and enjoying the freedom. The times that we went to watch movie, eat ice-cream, sing K. N 1 thing I noe u all will agree with me is that student fare is always the best. Hhas.. adult fare sucks siah.. So expensive, must well take cab.

Hmm.. wondering how much we all have changed since taking our class photo together last year. Girls must have permed their hair or rebonded. GUys, I believe we all still look the same honest and good US =)

15/07, a class to rmb. Though we have our downs, but we have our ups as well.. So don't give up on this class my fellow classmates. Let's look forward to adult life united and happy=)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

First and hopefully not last post of 2009

First Post of 2009 for class 15/07....

Hello to those that still frequently come to the class blog. I tink it's time we update and keep this place alive yea.. It's been a tulmultous 2 years that we have endured. Now that it has ended, we are so busy with things such as working. I guess our whole class is working by now. Be it in whatever sector of the economy, at least we are now doing something constructive.

I miss 15/07.. It's really been great knowing you all.. the times that we chatted and waste time. Listening in lectures will also be sorely missed by me. Jen has so kindly asked Han lao shi whether can we go her house during this CNY period. Mayb next next saturday?? It will be ard 7feb. Tag to at least have a rough idea.

it's been so fast yea. Like last last year we were still building sandcastles, this year, we have all graduated and so much things have happened..

Just trying to keep this class blog of ours alive bcos I believe 15/07 will nvr die yea.. =)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Before As - Like 12hours!

HELLO 15/07 :)
I guess the Alvl are not just round the corner.
IT's in less than 11hours time!

so here are the list of reminders and instructions that Han Lao Shi prescribed to us. Please take a look at that and ensure that u wont be a blur sotong tml!
Also remind your friends :)

ESP ur I/C (not EZ-link) and entry Proof!

This here, is for SGC matters:

Print it if u need it to request for obtaining your testimonial earlier :)

Well guys, it's the last lap.
really really last.
18 more days.

den we can have loads of fun :)

Play until die. hahahax.

apologies for this post for being so late, cause i haven't been able to go online: cause i barred myself from accessing the computer :P

WELL. GOD BLESS ALL OF U 15/07 :) i will keep u all in my prayers :)